Quetta Mourns after Massacre


Benish Salam

Pakistan is in a state of mourning as 62 Police cadets have been martyred and 120 injured in a brutal attack on Police Training Center Quetta on 24th October 2016. Here we also point-out the Indo-Pak relations. After the URI attack, BJP accused Pakistan to be responsible for Uri attack and up surged tension on LOC. Indian leader proclaimed that they would take their revenge. The attack on young cadets of police is done by RAW and Afghan Intelligence (NDF) financed militants as the IGFC Sher Afghan said that the militants were taking instructions from Afghanistan.

Our forces have been sacrificing their lives in the war of terror for a long time. Zarb-i-azab is the imperative part of war on terror. After the attack on APSAC Peshawar, civil and military leaders made a National Action Plan with the consensuses of Parliament. However, the twenty points Agenda of National Action Plan was not properly executed. Pakistan Armed Forces are fighting against terrorists but the government seems least interested in NAP. Government has brought no reforms in Madrassas and Police. If the civilian government plays no role for the betterment of the country than the Military’s operation in Waziristan will be a failure. As a result, the country will keep seeing such deadliest attacks in future as well. Government will have to take strict action against militants.

Three militant stormed the police training academy and martyred the cadets but raised several questions. How did those militants succeed in reaching their target place? Why was there only one security guard in the security of 500 cadets? Why were those trainees called back after their pass-out parade? The government should answer these questions. It is indeed a deadliest attack on the security installation. If our security personals are not safe, then how are we?


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