The Miss-understood Religion

We live in a time when the enemies of Islam are attempting to destroy it from within. The incident of 9/11 changed the perception of world towards the entire Islamic world. Muslims being labeled as terrorists and Islam is blamed to be a religion of violence and terrorism. It is true that extremist groups within Muslim states exploited religion for their own political interests, however what is more disastrous is that the external powers and the enemies of Islam are spreading false propaganda to stop Islam.


The root causes of terrorism are poverty, ignorance and of course the miss interpretation of religion. Extremism, sectarian conflicts and religious intolerance played an important role in dividing the Islamic society. War mongers miss interpreted the teachings of Quran and Sunnah for their own benefits. As a result, the west depicted Islam as a religion of violence and terrorism.

Since the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the region has been suffering from bloodshed, unrest and political instability. The Arab uprising further aggravated the situation. Currently, Middle East is in a state of war due to which the infrastructure and institutions of these states have collapsed. The radicalized society of this war-affected area however gave birth to religious extremists and militants like ISIS. These organizations are not only killing the Non-Muslims but the Muslims at the same time.

After the Charlie Hebdo incident, the entire world realized the severity of ISIS’s brutality and the west once again labeled the entire Muslim community as “terrorist”. The Muslim immigrants in Europe and US are facing severe problems because of such incidents.
The west seems more interested in attacking Islam and finding faults in it without any understanding and knowledge of it. Their critics portray Islam as a violent backward religion, Sharia Law barbaric, Muslim men aggressors, cruel and uncivilized, whereas the Muslim women oppressed, etc. Their hatred for Islam can be clearly seen by their support for the blasphemous cartoons and images of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).


They spread hatred in the name of freedom of speech and interestingly the entire western media unanimously supports the Charlie Hebdo and Salman Rushdi type people who instigate hatred for Islam. Their main target is “Islam” and the personality of Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W). In reaction, the outrageous Muslims vandalize the property of state in the demonstrations and protests against those derogatory and blasphemous cartoons. As a result, the west media depicts Muslims as “religious fanatics and terrorists”.
Islam is a religion of peace as Quran clearly condemns violence against civilians. Chapter Five, Verse 32, reads, “If you kill a human being it is like killing all of mankind, unless you are killing that human being as punishment for violence, or murder, or other villainy in the land”.


If a Muslim is practicing Islam in the name of Allah in a way that is violet, in a way that is intolerant, then it is not Islam which is to be blamed for being responsible for its followers actions, it’s the follower himself responsible for his actions. There is nothing wrong with Islam; it’s the criminals, mass murderers and terrorists who are using the Quranic verses as cover for their crimes.


Islam insists upon its followers to maintain good and amicable relations with Non Muslims. Allah states in Chapter 60, Verse 8 “Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them; surely Allah loves those who are equitable”. Islam has never initiated wars but only fought back in defense of Muslims basic rights when there was a threat to peace and order had to be restored.


Use of force was permitted only in self-defense against oppression and tyranny. No wars had been fought had the Non-Muslim communities at that time let Islam spread its message without interference and hindrance.

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