Emmy winner Allison Janney is honored with Walk of Fame

Emmy Award-winning actress Allison Janney received the 2,592nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday.

Joining her at the ceremony were Richard Schiff, Janney’s co-star on the White House drama “The West Wing,” and Chuck Lorre, a creator of her latest series, “Mom.”

Janney, after thanking family and friends in attendance, noted the prized location of her star. “As I look down I see Montgomery Clift, it’s his birthday today actually, so it’s kind of cool that I’m getting a star on his birthday, and I’m going to be moving in next door to you,” Janney told the crowd.

Janney won her seventh Emmy in 2015 to tie Ed Asner and Mary Tyler Moore for second most by an actor; that group was joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus this year.

Janney won Emmys twice in the best supporting actress in a drama category for her portrayal of White House press secretary C.J. Cregg for each of the first two seasons of “The West Wing” and landed four nominations and two Emmys in the category of lead actress in a drama series for the role in the remainder of its run. She’s also won Emmys for her role on the sitcom “Mom,” opposite Anna Faris, and for her role as a neglected wife in 50’s period drama “Masters of Sex.”

Janney appears in two movies currently in release – Tim Burton’s dark fantasy “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and mystery thriller “The Girl on the Train.”

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