Clinton Denounces Racism In Visit To Flashpoint City

Hillary Clinton denounced racism as she waded into one of the latest flashpoints of anger over Fatal Police shootings of blacks in America. The Democratic Presidential Candidate’s gesture came at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina where protests erupted over the September 20 killing of Keith Lamont Scott by Police trying to serve an arrest warrant on someone else.

Clinton noted that she is a Grandmother of two and worries about the safety of those kids amid America’s Epidemic of Gun Violence. But she added, “My Worries are not the same as Black Grandmothers’.” Over the course of the campaign for the November 8 Presidential Election pitting her against Donald Trump, Clinton has frequently acknowledged the complaints of black Americans who accuse mainly white Police Departments of Racism, brutality and disproportionate USE of Force.

Trump has tried to reach out to African Americans, but has also pressed his drive to depict himself as a tough Law-and-Order candidate, often paying tribute to Police Officers.

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