Dr. Maleeha Lodhi Meets U.N. Secy General

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has called for urgent de escalation of tension between Pakistan and India and an end to violence in the region. The UN chief made that call during a meeting with Pakistan’s UN ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, at un headquarters in New York. The secretary general said he was saddened by the loss of life of two Pakistani soldiers and extended condolences to government of Pakistan and family of the deceased. Briefing him about the escalating situation, ambassador Lodhi said that India has, by its declarations and actions, created conditions that pose an imminent threat to regional and international peace and security. She also told the secretary general, that while India’s claim of carrying out a surgical strike across the line of control was false, India had by its own admission, committed aggression against Pakistan. She said that India has provoked this crisis to divert international attention away from the indigenous Kashmiri uprising against Indian occupation. It was, therefore essential to address the root cause of this crisis, India’s continuing denial of the right of self determination to the Kashmiri people. She asked the secretary general to play a role in bringing an end to the grave human rights. Responding to the detailed briefing, the secretary general repeated his offer of extending his good offices to both countries, which pakistan has always welcomed but india has consistently declined. He regretted the fact that united nations military observer group in india and pakistan is unable to fully function due to india’s non cooperation. The un’s military mission is only able to operate on the pakistani controlled side of the loc as india refuses to accept its functioning on the other side and opposes its expansion. Ambassador lodhi told the secretary general that pakistan had exercised maximum restraint but will respond forcefully to any acts of aggression and provocation. The secretary general also conveyed his dismay at the cancellation of the saarc summit saying this could prove a good opportunity for dialogue.

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