NA Told No Surgical Strike Conducted Near LOC

The national assembly has been told that Indian claims of conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan are nothing but a pack of blatant lies. The federal minister for states and frontier regions, Abdul Qadir Baloch told the house that India is trying to fool its own people and the international community that it carried out surgical strikes on Pakistani soil. The minister said being a military man himself he was well aware of the technicalities associated with such strikes; Abdul Qadir Baloch added that those were just firing raids that are being Rebranded by India as surgical hits in order to pacify the war mongering indian media. He said the whole country is paying tribute to the brave sons of soil, the two soldiers who were martyred in cross border fire at loc. Yesterday. Baloch added that there have been casualties at indian side as well but india is not accepting it. He further assured the nation that army is vigilant and no one will be allowed to carry out an act of aggression or adventurism against pakistan. Earlier the house continued its debate on report regarding fata reforms. The members of the national assembly belonging to various political parties shared their views on the report. The members suggested measures to make a law which will help end the sense of marginalization prevalent among the residents of tribal belt. The law makers suggested that only those measures be taken that are fully endorsed by the people of fata.

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