Interior Minister Addressed Press In Islamabad

Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan says Pakistan will send reference to Interpol for deportation of Barahamdagh Bugti. He was addressing a news conference in Islamabad. Chuahary Nisar Ali Khan said, federal investigation agency will soon send a reference to interpol in this regard. The minister said Indian offer of citizenship to a terrorist has made it clear to everyone who is supporting terrorism. He said it has substantiated the Indian Prime Minister’s statement of interference in Pakistan. On URI attack Chaudhary Nisar said Indians started pointed fingers at Pakistan even at a time when the attack was underway. He said, india had to impose censorship on the media because its lies had been exposed. He said it is india, not pakistan, that has to answer because of leveling false allegations. He said a multi-pronged mechanism has been introduced in national database and registration authority as a national security drive. He said, e-passport system will be introduced in the country during the next three months. He said, nadra centres will be set up in big cities including karachi, lahore, gujranwala, peshawar and quetta during the next five months. He said these centers will be later extended to the whole country. He said, a monitoring helpline of nadra will be set up that will be directly supervised by the ministry of interior. The interior minister said, the work on the revivification of cnics and passports is underway. He said the fake cnics and passports have been blocked. He said action is also being taken against those nadra officials who were involved in illegal activities. The minister said eight nadra officials have been apprehended out of 18 involved in illegal practices. Chaudhry nisar ali khan said, during the last four months 82.5 million cnics out of 105 million cnics have been revivified. He said out of these about sixty thousands were fake. He said fifty thousand fake cnics have been blocked and intelligence agencies are working on the reaming ten thousand cnics. The interior minister said, 2000 fake passports have also been blocked. He said 29000 passports have been issued to the foreigners. He said during the revivification of the passports, about two thousand foreigners have returned the passports voluntarily.

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