Iranian President Expresses Desire To Be Part Of CPEC

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also held a meeting with Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani in New York. Both sides expressed satisfaction on the positive trajectory of bilateral ties between Pakistan and Iran. Opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the field of energy, especially oil, gas and electricity were also discussed. The two sides noted that progress on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and electricity import from Iran would help overcome Pakistan’s energy shortages in the coming years. The Prime Minister stressed on the need to remain engaged at expert level to remove technical delays that continue to hold back resumption of full economic cooperation between the two countries. The Iranian president said Iran can install a power plant on border with Pakistan to supply electricity. He said Iran consider Pakistan’s economic development as our development and Pakistan’s security is security of Iran. President Rouhani lauded the vision of the prime minister for translating CPEC into reality and expressed his desire to be part of this project. The Prime Minister said he will nominate two focal persons who will finalize energy projects with Iran in coming days. The Prime Minister apprised president Rouhani of Indian brutalities in Kashmir, particularly in the past two months. Nawaz Sharif also stressed on the need for building unity and cohesion within the Muslim world, particularly at a time of such great turmoil. The Iranian president extended an invitation to the Prime Minister for visiting Iran. Prime Minister accepted the invitation and said that he will visit Tehran soon.

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