Pakistan Is Well Aware That India Has Been Terror Financing From Across The Border

The Foreign Office says Pakistan is well aware that India has been terror financing from across the border especially in Baluchistan. Extending asylum to Barahdamgh Bugti leaves no room for doubt about Indian involvement in creating unrest in Pakistan. In the weekly briefing by foreign office spokesman, Nafees Zakria said Pakistan is vigilant of Indian nefarious intentions of perpetrating terrorist activities in Pakistan. He said Pakistan has shared the proof at all international concerned forum including UN. Zakria said Pakistan has a long standing stance on Kashmir which was reiterated by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his UNGA address last night. He said the recent wave of atrocities unleashed by Indian forces against Kashmiris is condemnable and Pakistan will continue its support to the Kashmir cause. He added that Indian media is misleading the world by creating a war hype. To a question Zakria said current military exercises under taken by Pakistan are regular in nature. He also shared the clarification issued by the office of Nepali Prime Minister calling a recent news piece attributed to Nepali PM by Indian TV channel, as twisted. Clarification stated that Nepali PM in his interview was talking of cross border terrorism between India and Nepal and no third party country was referred in that interview. In reply to another question Nafees Zakria said Ahmad Khan Rahami; the man involved in Manhattan terror attack has no connection with Pakistan. He nor his wife are Pakistani nationals. He said they are afghans who are American nationals and residing in USA for years. To another question he said Pakistan has always extended its cooperation to India whenever it has asked but India has always hurled baseless accusations on Pakistan without any proof.

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