Fight Between Husband and Wife due to Pigeons

Pigeons stand apart when it comes to pet animals. Their beauty makes them a favorite pet for many in the subcontinent. In old days the pigeons had a prime importance in a man’s life. They were used for various purposes. Before the arrival of the postage system and the internet, they were the messengers. Especially the messengers of love. Several old era flicks based on the stories centuries ago reflect their importance. They are shown as carrying love letters of the lovers. The remnants of this postman skill is present in the poetry and paintings as well. The pegions and their homes on rooftops were the places for lovers to meet, there were songs and stories about pigeons role in match making, but here we have another side to this that love affair with pigeons almost took a life.. This pigeon love affair turned sore as a woman in Faisalabad tried to burn herself alive owing to the pigeon love affair of her husband. Rabia, 26, the wife of the man was angry at this hobby of his. They had quarrels between them before. This time the things worsened and she set herself to fire. She was admitted to the Allied Hospital of Faisalabad. Police has recorded her point of view over the incident.

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