Brexit vote driven by anti-immigration sentiment in UK

London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke to an audience at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs at the invitation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday telling them integration was crucial to maintaining stability in multicultural cities like London and Chicago.

”In the UK the vote to leave the European Union, Brexit, was largely driven by growing anti-immigration sentiment. Now I’m proud that London was the only region in England to vote to remain in the European Union. But concerns about immigration was the number one issue for voters across Britain,” Khan said.

”The challenge we’ve got is to persuade, speaking as the London mayor, the government when it comes to negotiating with the EU to do right by London and our country. That means for example access to a single market is crucial. That means for example the passporting of financial services. That means for example telling the world that London is open like we’ve been for a thousand years,” Khan said.

Sadiq Khan will travel to New York City following his Chicago visit where he will meet with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and, amongst other things, pitch the opening ball in a New York Mets game.

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