Ch. Nisar Briefs On NAP

Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said, due to government’s efforts law and order situation has considerably improved in the country. He was speaking in the senate on cruel and barbaric incidents of terrorism at civil hospital Quetta and district courts Mardan, which resulted into loss of precious human lives. He said, terrorist attacks have considerably decreased as compared to the past. He said the National Action Plan was started with consensus of the all political parties. Interior Minister said fighting the war on terrorism is the collective responsibility of the whole political leadership and security forces, and expressed the resolve to win the same with unity and courage. The Interior Minister said that the war against terrorism is a war against the hidden enemies. The Minister said the success in the war against terrorism has been achieved after the great sacrifices of the security forces of the country. He said five hundred security forces personnel have been martyred in the Zarb-e-Azb operation while six thousand during the last fifteen years. Lauding the role of the security agencies, Chaudhry Nisar said that security agencies of the country are performing their duties at their best. He said due to more than twenty thousand intelligence-based operations the graph of terrorism has been lowered considerably. The Interior Minister said national database has been made more secure and transparent. He said the government has cancelled thirty-one thousand passports that were made in the past. He said three hundred thousand fake CINCS have also been blocked. The interior minister said enough intelligence information have been gathered about the incidents of Mardan, Quetta and Warsak. He said on the basis of intelligence information the investigation is underway and we will soon reach the culprits. He said the investigating have also revealed that some foreigners were also involved in some of the incidents. He expressed the hope that the elements involved in these incidents will be arrested very soon.

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