Pakistan Thrashed England By 9 Wickets

Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif hit half centuries as Pakistan thrashed England by nine wickets in the only twenty-20 match of the series at old Trafford, Manchester. PTV Sports telecast the match live. Earlier, batting first after winning the toss England scored 135 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in allotted 20 over’s. Openers Alex hales and Jason Roy provide England quick start of 56 runs in 6.4 over’s. Hales remained top scorer with 37 runs knock, hitting five boundaries while Roy made 21 runs. But after they both fell down Pakistani bowler bowled brilliantly and England lost quick wickets. In first ten over’s England scored 77 but in last 10 they only managed to score 58 runs. For Pakistan, Wahab Riaz bagged three wickets after giving 18 runs in 4 over’s. Imad Wasim and debutant Hasan Ali took two wickets each. In reply Pakistani openers provide 107 runs stand as they achieved the target in 14.5 over’s for the loss of just one wicket. Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif punished England bowlers from the start of the inning. Sharjeel hit two boundaries in the first over and in the next Khalid Latif hit four boundaries in Chris Jordan’s over. It was a boundary-galore as the pair registered a 107-run opening stand hitting 17 boundaries in the first 10 Overs. The ball crossed the boundary rope 22 times in total. The two came out all guns blazing as the opening duo struck record 73 runs in the Powerplay Overs — overshadowing Pakistan’s previous best of 72 against Zimbabwe. Sharjeel Khan scored 59 runs off just 36 balls and smashed seven fours and three sixes. Khalid Latif hit unbeaten 59 off 42 balls, hitting 8 fours and two sixes. Debutant Babar Azam made 15 not out. Wahab Riaz declared man of the match.

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