All Out Efforts Being Made For Pakistan’s Progress

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan will soon join the developed countries in the fields of basic Infrastructure, Energy and Economy. Addressing at the Awards Distribution Ceremony of best performing companies in Stock Exchange in Karachi, the Prime Minister said the nation will hold those accountable crises and economic crisis in the country. He said all out efforts are being made to take the country forward on the path of progress and prosperity. The Prime Minister said the government has a vision of cheap and abundant supply of electricity in the country and for this purpose working is continuing on various projects. He said the role of companies showing best performance in the Stock Exchange is commendable for giving a prosperous turn to the country’s economy. He said Nationalization in the 70s had destroyed the National Economy but today we have become successful in putting it on the track of progress. He said the Foreign Exchange reserves have reached record high level. Nawaz Sharif said the government is particularly focusing on up gradation of Railways and Roads Network across the country. He said the foundation stone for Hyderabad Sukkur Motorway will be laid soon and the network will go on culminating into country wide Motorway from Peshawar to Karachi. The Prime Minister said Gwadar is today a bright chapter of development of the country. He said the gas and Electricity load shedding will end by 2018. Addressing on the Occasion Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said indicators of economic stability in a short span of three years is the manifestation of the government’s comprehensive planning. Chairman Pakistan Stock Exchange Munir Kamal said that the performance of Stock Exchange is the indicator of Economic Stability in the country and the International Community recognizes this fact

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