Richa saved Fawad from public humiliation

Actors are often asked uncomfortable questions, especially about their the personal lives and choices. It’s a well known fact that the blue eyed actor Fawad Khan from Pakistan signs a “no-kiss” clause, while signing any film.

Recently, in a press conference held at Melbourne, actor Fawad Khan was posed a question about the cultural differences between India and Pakistan and indirectly hinting at how Bollywood boldly showcases “kissing scenes” onscreen. It was then that actress Richa Chadda, who was also present at the event decided to chip in.

Richa Chadda gave a fitting reply to the journalist and gave her lessons on historical and political discourse of the world.

Journalist continues her questions – “In all senses, especially Bollywood, may be the on screen romance or the kissing scenes or the cultures we have or the way India has adopted westernisation. Because I have a lot of Pakistani friends and when I speak to them, I get the sense that the two countries are different and Pakistan is a lot different from India.”

Richa’s reply- ” I would like to answer that. Sorry I am cutting in. You know we were colonised by the British for a really long time. It’s a part of the… I am sorry if I am offending anybody here, but if you look at worldwide history every time the British left an empire they divided it. Whether it was North Korea or South Korea then there was Germany. It is a part of the strategy to keep political unrest to sort off maintain a global kind of, I am sorry but your question to me doesn’t make sense because I will have far more in common with Fawad because I am from the North of India than I will have with somebody who is a tambrahm or maybe Malyaali or from the North east. I think we should avoid stereotyping in questioning or creating some kind of contradiction here because the whole intent and especially art does really have any borders. “

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