100 index closed lower on Friday having 39499.08 points with a negative change of 272.12 and volume of 135,515,340 shares.

High and Low were 39839.19 and 39465.20 respectively. Total volume traded in the market was 218,638,030 shares with 354 total traded companies out of which 126 were up 202 were down and 26 were unchanged.

POWER GENERATION & DISTRIBUTION was the top traded sector with total traded volume of 59,518,900 shares. It was followed by CEMENT with a total traded volume of 23,018,050 shares.

The three top traded companies were K-Electric Ltd. with a volume of 53,246,000 and price per share of 8.72 (0.05), Dewan Cement. with a volume 9,321,500 of price per share of 17.74 (0.08), Dewan Salman with a volume 8,506,000 of price per share of 3.37 (0.37).

The top three advancers were Philip Morris Pak. with price per share 1426.80 (67.80), Sanofi-Aventis. with price per share of 682.84 (32.51) and Siemens Pak. share of 890.00 (24.50).

The top three decliners were Murree Brewery. with price per share of 821.40 (-29.15), Colgate Palmo. with price per share of 1540.00 (-28.00) and Ferozsons (Lab). share of 1020.29 (-18.91).

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