Brave bank guard saves the day

The attempted robbery began just after the bank was opened around 9am on Wednesday. When two suspects armed with a shotgun entered the premises of bank. They approached the guard and one of the robbers threw powdered chilies into the eyes of guard, while the other tried to enter the bank. The guard showed courage and encountered them.

According to details, Habib bank branch of North Karachi was target of robbers. Besides being badly hurt by the powdered red chilies, guard showed strength and courage and counter both robbers physically. During the fight between the guard and the robbers, all people from surrounding areas gathered there and caught the robbers.

security guard

After receiving a harsh thrashing from the people, the two robbers were handed to police. In Karachi banks are primary targets of robbers as this money is used mostly in terrorism. Often security guards found guilty of planning such robberies.

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