An unusual sight: girl half naked fight with boyfriend in Islamabad

Federal capital of Pakistan has seen man unusual incidents but Tuesday F10 market, popularly known as heart of Islamabad trade activity, has witnessed something new. F10 market is a common place where we can find people dating in cars.

Generally police and law enforcing agencies don’t check these cars, there is a silent law not to touch such issues, let young people have fun.

Such fun can go nasty as footage emerged from the market showed a half-naked girl came out of a car and everyone was astonished.

According to local people the boyfriend tried hard to convince girl to come back in car and settle things down but she was continuously abusing him saying, ‘‘you got want you want, just leave.” Her boyfriend is clearly off age with the girl, as seen in footage.

Pakistan is considered as a conservative society and girls such acts are very rare across country. Conservatism in Pakistan has been normally associated not only with dominant and influential religious section but also liberal parties are not soft on such issues.

As footage shows girl was depressed and was not even worried about her nakedness. Man pushed his estranged girlfriend during argument, then watched her but she replied by throwing stones on him.

Local people tried to give the girl clothes but she refused the wear, as seen in footage a bagger women tried to give her own shawl which she just threw and away.

After the incident the girl went on to taxi stand half naked and booked a taxi and drove away.

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