OMG! Sultan Salman pushed Aamir on the back-foot

It is quite obvious for any of the Bollywooder’s to get worried after seeing the path breaking success of Salman’s ‘Sultan’. But it becomes difficult for anyone to believe that success of ‘Sultan’ has pushed even the ace performers of the Bollywood on the back-foot.

Thinking whom?

Well here we are talking about none other than Mr Perfectionist Aamir.

If hearsay doing rounds in the grapevine is something to go by then it suggests that after witnessing the success of Sultan now Aamir has decided to make some changes in the story line of his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’ which also has its story line weaved around wrestling.

As per reports now, Aamir has decided to keep the story of “Dangal” more concentrated towards showcasing the father-daughter relationship rather than any women knocking down her opponents in the ring, the report added.

Off late there has been much comparison between “Sultan” and “Dangal” for the fact that both the films are based on wrestling. May be that’s why Aamir decided to make the changes in the script of ‘Dangal’ to make it look different from Salman’s ‘Sultan’.

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