Vidya Balan bags yet another award, this time in Australia

National Award-winner Vidya Balanhas made a mark in the Hindi film industry. She has also been involved in several social initiatives, including a sanitation campaign, and a nutrition programme with the Kolkata-based NGO Child In Need Institute.

On August 19, the actor was felicitated by politician Martin Foley at the Parliament of Victoria, in Melbourne, Australia, for her contribution to social causes and for her work in cinema.

A source says, “Vidya has been the ambassador of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne since 2012, and has been a regular at the event.”

The source adds, “She has done her bit to build ties between India and Australia, when it comes to cinema. She is currently in Melbourne, and was felicitated at the Parliament of Victoria for her impressive body of work and for her social endeavours. She has become the first Indian to receive this honour.”

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