Thick smog reduces visibility drastically in India’s capital

India’s national capital New Delhi woke up to thick smog on Sunday (November 06) reducing visibility drastically.

India Gate, the war memorial and Raj Path, running from Presidential Palace on Raisina Hill through Vijay Chowk, were completely drowned in darkness.

The near zero visibility slowed down traffic and motorists were seen driving with lights on.

People venturing out early for a morning jog and commuting also complained of breathing due to foul air as Air Quality Index (AQI) indicated severe levels of pollution.

“Early in the morning, we are finding it difficult to breath due to smog. While driving too, we are unable to see clearly, so we have to drive slowly and this is causing traffic snarls too,” said Anurag, a Delhi resident.

Delhi government has come under sharp criticism from courts and environmentalists for not doing enough to deal with the problem.

Authorities in Delhi said they would crackdown against those found burning waste, including leaves, in the open to curb pollution.

The problem worsened as farmers in neighbouring Punjab and Haryana states set fire to paddy stubble in their fields to prepare their grounds for the next season.

A Delhi minister also blamed the burning of paddy stubble in neighbouring states to be the major reason behind the rising pollution levels in the city.

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