Iraqi Army Fights Its Way Into New Suburb Of Mosul

Iraqi government forces have battled their way into another suburb of mosul, the northern city held for more than two years by the islamic state group. Troops broke through is defenses and reached the eastern district of al-zahra, which they say is now 90% under their control.

Special forces have been fighting the militants streets and alleys. Troops from the counter-terrorism service began their push towards al-zahra, formerly known as saddam district, today, advancing rapidly after breaking down is defenses. Inside al-zahra, militants continued to fight back and a coalition air strike was ordered to destroy an is position.

Meanwhile, the un says there is growing evidence of is atrocities in and around mosul. It has already expressed concern for the estimated 1.5 million civilians living in the city amid reports of mass killings and people being rounded up for use as human shields.

In another development on friday, the first convoy of vehicles carrying hundreds of civilians fleeing the fighting around mosul arrived at a camp east of the city

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