Trump Momentum Forces New Clinton Effort

As opinion polls suggest Donald Trump is gaining support, Hillary Clinton has been holding rallies in states that had been considered safe for the democrats. A BBC correspondent says both teams are now concentrating more on getting their supporters to vote rather than swaying those undecided.

Thirty-seven million early ballots have already been cast. With three days left in a tight race, both candidates made final pushes for support in battleground states across the us. In Cleveland, Ohio, Clinton ended the day’s campaigning at a concert, where she was joined the rapper jay z and his wife, the singer beyonce.

“We have unfinished work to do, more barriers to break, and with your help, a glass ceiling to crack once and for all,” Addressing the crowd, jay z explained his support for mrs clinton. He said that though he did not have any “ill will” towards trump, the republican’s conversation was “divisive”.

“That’s not an evolved soul to me, so he cannot be my president. He cannot be our president,” Trump, meanwhile, told a crowd of supporters in new hampshire that his rival wants a “550% increase” on syrian refugees allowed into the us.

The republican candidate said clinton’s plan would mean generations of terrorism, extremism, and radicalism spreading into our schools and communities.

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