Lion need to be sacrificed for democracy, Bilawal

The ‘lion’ will need to be sacrificed if the democracy is to be saved, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto said, taking a jibe directly at the PML-N’s government and its three-year performance

Pakistan is being run by an incompetent prime minister for the last three years, claiming the government will not be able to complete its tenure if a judicial commission on Panamagate is not formed.

“The worst policies of the premier have divided the people of this country as he not used to consider anything against his own ego,” Bilawal said while addressing a public gathering in Daharki, Sindh on Friday.

Lashing out at the federal government for continued incidents of terrorism, Bilawal said the national security committee should be reconstituted to check terror incidents.

The PPP chairman said his party is striving to eliminate terrorism and propagate the message of peace.

He went on to add that the premier is a suspect in the Panamagate scandal, which is the world’s biggest scam. “The PM must come forward and present himself for accountability,” Bilawal said, adding that Aitzaz Ahsan’s bill on Panama Papers needs to be passed for the commission to function.

Bilawal said the PM needs to realise that he holds the position to serve the masses, not to do businesses.

Bilawal told Imran Khan his ‘minus-one’ formula can also raise a similar call for his own self, referring to PTI chairman’s statement about a PPP without Asif Ali Zardari.

“Let me tell you, the PTI would be better under Sheikh Rashid,” he added.

He advised the government to review the situation and constant Indian firing on the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary, saying he was against [Narendra] Modi’s conspiracies. “Prime Minister, you are a ruler not a king and this is a democracy not a monarchy.” PPP chairman remarked.

Bilawal reminded the rulers that the country is being run without a foreign minister for the last three years.

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