None who cusses, disrespects others could be a leader

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says people of Pakistan would frustrate designs of those trying to block the wheel of development. He was addressing a public meeting at Narh in Kahuta tehsil this afternoon.

The Prime Minister said PML (N) always pursued the politics of development and safeguarding national interests and it would continue to pursue this path vigorously.

He said credit goes to PML (N) for building motorways, boosting defence, carrying out nuclear explosions and upholding the cause of Kashmiri people.

He said Pakistan would continue to speak for Kashmiris the same way he did during his address to the UN General Assembly. Nawaz Sharif said his political opponents could not digest all-round development in the country and want to halt this process.

He said Pakistan is proceeding ahead on the path of development and prosperity but some elements want to push the country back.

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