8 Indian Diplomats Involved In Subversive Activities

The foreign office has revealed that eight indian diplomats and staff belonging to the Indian intelligence agencies raw and intelligence bureau have been found involved in subversive activities in pakistan under the garb of diplomatic assignments. This was stated by foreign office spokesman nafees zakaria at a weekly news briefing in Islamabad.

He said these include raw’s operatives rajesh kumar agnihotri, commercial counsellor, anurag singh 1st commercial secretary, amerdeep singh bhatti visa attache, dharmendra sodhi, staff members vijay kumar verma and madhavan nanda kumar.

Indian ib’s operatives are: balbir singh, 1st press and information secretary, and jayabalan senthil, assistant personnel welfare officer. The spokesman said surjeet singh who was declared persona non-grata a few days back was also an ib operative working under balbir singh. To a question, the spokesman said the case of kulboshan yadev is under investigation.

He said dossier in this regard will be presented to the international community and un secretary general at appropriate time. The spokesman said pakistan has called back six members working in indian high commission because they are unable to perform their duties after india leveled baseless allegations on them.

He said indian occupation forces have continued killing defenseless kashmiris, continuously blinding kashmiri youth including minors and constantly committing crimes against humanity for four months now. They are desperate to hide their crimes against humanity from the international community’s scrutiny.

He said in desperation, they have turned their guns on innocent civilians across loc in ajk and across working boundary in pakistani territory. indian unprovoked firing has taken a huge toll on innocent civilians. To a question, he said pakistan and iran are in contact with each other to take forward the pakistan-iran gas pipeline.

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