Men at Their Best!

Sana Saleem

Pakistan armed forces have at all times sacrificed their preeminent, finest and most excellent of men in keeping whole the sovereignty of the Motherland as its soil contains a remarkable, unusual, and primary constituent the blood of its martyrs who have bravely and valiantly confronted the enemy and crushed their wicked and despicable designs while guarding their land with their most valuable assets, their lives.

The past has seen how the defense forces of Pakistan have risen to their immense and soaring heights to defend and guard their borders, their land, their deserts, their fertile and rich plains, their water and possessions against ruthless enemy aggression as our heroes succeeded to impede the opponents not permitting them to touch and lay a hand on even an inch of the country, a responsibility that the world witnesses, they carry out with an absolute firm faith and valor while attaining immortality.

Here I would quote “The Prayer of Tariq in the battlefield of Andalusia” by Allama Iqbal:


These warriors, victorious, these worshippers of yours

Whom you have granted the will to win power in your name

In their passion, in their zeal, in their love for You, O Lord!

They aim at martyrdom, not the rule of the earth

They think of death, not as life’s end

But as the ennobling of the heart


“طارق کی دعا اندلس کے میدان جنگ میں” …

یہ غازی یہ تیرے پراسرار بندے

جنھیں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائی

 شہادت ہے مطلوب و مقصود مومن

نہ مال غنیمت نہ کشور کشائی

 کشادہ در دل سمجھتے ہیں اسکو

ہلاکت نہیں موت انکی نظر میں


We should not overlook the sequel of sacrifices and heroism committed by our armed forces for the past so many decades. To sit quietly in the air conditioned rooms and pass judgment on is very simple and easy, to doubt, denigrate and insult is easy, but to go in the battleground, to see the roaring and boisterous gunfire and to get shot by a bullet and to receive a sarcophagus of a loved one is not something simple.

There is no qualm in saying that they will continue to uphold and sustain these valued traditions till the day they all are wrapped up in the green flag and turn out to be a part of the martyrs’ brigade, as they find everlasting peace in laying down their lives for the homeland.


Intro: Sana Saleem is Senior Proofreader at Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University, Islamabad.


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