PTI will go ahead with Nov 2 plan of Islamabad’s lockdown

“This is the third day today. They have cut off my residence in Bani Gala from the city. Nobody can enter this area without police check and inspection,” Khan said while speaking to media person outside his residence, accompanied by a large number of workers.

He called upon his workers to reach Islamabad from KPK as well as the federal capital for Nov 2 showdown.

“Pervez Khattak is to address a jalsa in Swabi today. I have conveyed my message to him to bring all the workers to Bani Gala. I ask of all the PTI workers and activists across the country to reach Bani Gala tomorrow (Monday).”

“Everyone who was to come here on November 2, they must reach here tomorrow. We will show them our strength tomorrow. We will leave Bani Gala for Islamabad on November 2. There is a lot of space here, all workers should reach here,” he said.

“I will come out on November 2 even if I’m alone, on my own! Don’t count the numbers as yet. All our workers will reach here,” he said, while replying to a question.

“All of these actions that they have taken are unlawful. Under which law have they taken these measures? This is in contempt of court! They have cut us off and detained our workers,” he said.

“I ask of the judiciary today to trial these rulers, I am a citizen of Pakistan who has a constitutional right to question them,” he said.

“Section 144 cannot be imposed inside a walled residential property. Which law is this? What kind of democracy is this that they are trying to save? I was jailed for 8 days to restore this judiciary.”

He lashed out at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“His days have been numbered. Nawaz Sharif does not even know the spellings of democracy itself. Nawaz Sharif is a product of dictatorship. He has been nurtured by General Jilani and military dictators. Nawaz Sharif has set up his empire by corruption only.”

Khan also criticised ruling PML-N stalwarts – Pervaiz Rashid and Khawaja Asif.

“One mouse has been captured and others will meet the same fate. Pervaiz Rashid has been made escape goat in this scandal. But Pervaiz Rashid’s sacrifice is not acceptable. We don’t want a darbari’s sacrifice! We want the member of the ‘royal’ family,” he said.

“Pervez Rasheed is a courtier. He doesn’t utter a word without instructions from his imperial majesty,” Khan said.

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