Khan put Judiciary on Trial

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan accused the government of placing him under virtual house arrest in Islamabad on Friday as his supporters in nearby Rawalpindi fought running battles with the police.

“I told the party workers to avoid being arrested and that there is no need for confrontation with the police. I wanted to go to Rawalpindi on Sheikh Rashid’s invitation but could not after the roads were blocked and police deployed outside my residence. But we have to be ready for November 2 protest,” he noted.

“To all my activists, you have to prepare for Nov. 2, you have to escape capture,” he added.

He asked the judges, why this was happening, why roads had been blocked with containers, schools and metro bus closed despite the Islamabad High Court’s order against all this.

Imran revealed they would be going to the D-Chowk for protest. It is significant to note that he made no mention of his much-touted plan of locking down the federal capital on November 2.

He said all the state institutions, including NAB and FBR, were on trial and the judiciary was on trial more than the rest at this juncture. He said the fundamental rights were being denied and the media were also facing hurdles.


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