PM will be responsible, if third force intervenes

ISLAMABAD: Ahead of his Nov 2 protest in Islamabad, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan, has warned the government that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be responsible if a ‘third-power’ stepped in after the sit-in.

“Only one person will be responsible if democracy is derailed and a third-force came into power,” Khan said while speaking to media persons in Islamabad on Sunday.

Announcing his Islamabad lockdown plan, Khan has called on his workers to lay siege to the capital on Nov 2 until Prime Minister resigns or presents himself for accountability in the backdrop of the Panama Papers leaks.

He said the ruling party is propagating the same narrative which Indian PM Modi is spreading.

“Modi says at every forum that Pakistan Army is responsible for terrorism, and this is the same narrative which ruling party is propagating through its media cell. This is the why the Cyril Almeida story was leaked,” Khan claimed.

Khan claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party’s media cell were involved in maligning ISI chief following gun attack on a prominent journalist in Karachi.

“They are now giving an impression that PTI is holding the protest with army’s support and that ‘non-state actors’ will be there in the sit-in,” Khan said.

“Either Nawaz Sharif should present himself for accountability or resign, it’s very simple… If FBR and NAB don’t have the powers to hold the powerful accountable then what’s the point of having these institutions?” he said.

“Our protest is against these dysfunctional state institutions and the corrupt prime minister. Whichever opposition party is opposing the protest is effectively supporting Nawaz Sharif because they are themselves corrupt,” he said.

“To divert attention from Panama, Sharif will go to any extent,” he said.

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