Kick off fashion week in Tokyo

Japanese rock star and fashion designer Yoshiki kicked off the week-long Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo on Monday, taking to the stage to perform music as models strutted by on the runway in his futuristic kimono creations.

Kick off fashion week in Tokyo

Yoshiki, co-founder and drummer of rock band X Japan, played the piano and drums during the show for his brand Yoshikimono, which presented kimonos in metallic colours and leather in a modern twist to the traditional garment.

Models also wore printed strapless dresses and see-through plastic tops.

Kick off fashion week in Tokyo

“The entire kimono industry has been in crisis,” Yoshiki, whose family ran a kimono shop, said. “Despite pros and cons (to) my approach, I think Yoshikimono is meaningful in terms of awakening interest (in kimonos).”


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