Analyst focusses on thin batteries after Galaxy Note 7 fire

Samsung said earlier it asked all global carriers to stop sales of the Note 7s and the exchange of original devices for replacements, while it worked with regulators to investigate the problem. The company is offering to exchange Note 7s for other products or refund them.

“I think the central issue is that all these Smartphone manufacturers went to thinner and thinner batteries and they were changing the shapes and phones and sizes of the batteries in an ever faster pace and Samsung most likely was just the one who was unlucky. It could have hit anyone who went for a new battery shape. For each shape you build a new production line and there is a certain probability that something goes wrong. The big problem with these faulty battery issues, you have very rare cases so only when they are mass produced will you see these rare cases,” said Professor Harry Hoster, Director of Energy, Lancaster University.

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