Heads Together event to celebrate World Mental Health Day

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were accompanied by Prince Harry as they attended a reception at the London Eye to mark World Mental Health day on Monday.


The royals met and rode on the London Eye with guests who have previously suffered mental health issues and supporters of Heads Together, a charity campaign which the three are fronting.


“Catherine, Harry and I are very proud to be working with you to tackle one of the greatest challenges in our society. Mental health is not a dirty word. We all have mental health like we do physical health, good or ill. But not seeking help at those times, when it all seems too much whether we are depressed or anxious, can impact the rest of our lives,” said the Duke of Cambridge.


Heads Together aims to raise awareness in Britain on mental health and well-being and “change the national conversation.”


“The three of us are coming to the realisation that more needs to be done to support people who are seeking help. Over the coming months we hope to explore what else we can do to increase the level of service and support people can receive,” the Duchess said.


“It’s time we ended the shame around mental health. The fear of judgment that stops people talking or getting help and making it easier for people to get that help,” Prince Harry added.

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