UNSC Fails To Adopt Rival Resolutions On Syria

Western governments and Russia have clashed at the UN Security Council even while the Syrian government presses ahead with its military offensive against Rebel-held areas of Aleppo.

The UN Security Council voted on two rival resolutions on the fighting, one drafted by France calling for an end to air strikes and a second by Russia that urged a ceasefire but made no mention of halting the bombings.

Russia vetoed the French-drafted resolution that would have demanded an immediate end to air strikes and military flights over Syria’s second largest city and for a truce along with humanitarian aid access throughout the country.

It is the fifth Time Russia has vetoed a un resolution on Syria during the more than five-year conflict.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented that the text of the French resolution distorted the complexity of the situation on the ground leaving the false impression that Russia and Syria were aggressors when in reality the conflict in East Aleppo is mixed between moderate anti-Assad forces that have branched together with more radical al-Nusra Terrorists.

Russian representatives further expressed their “commitment to finding a lasting political solution to the Syrian Conflict” notwithstanding the move to veto the French draft United Nations Security Council Resolution.

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