Stop hypocrisy on Turkey’s EU membership, France

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Friday to stop hypocrisy over Turkey’s membership of European Union (EU).

“The question of Turkey is of course on everyone’s mind. … The hypocrisy over its membership will have to stop at some point,” Valls said in a speech at the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris.

Valls also said the EU’s enlargement should not continue indefinitely and that although Balkan states will be able to join eventually, EU countries will have to say stop at some point.

He disagrees with Germany over how to boost growth in Europe and that the European Union should be able to take on debt, something Berlin has long opposed.

“I believe we need to pursue a real growth policy, which can’t only be achieved through competitiveness.

“I know this is a strong point of disagreement with our great German partner, and I’m comfortable with that,” he said at the joint event with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker,” Valls said.

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