PPP should go for Minus-one, Imran Khan

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) should distance itself from its Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said here on Thursday.

“I suggest PPP to go for minus one formula like MQM did because that’s the only way they can politically survive”, Imran Khan said while talking to media persons.

Asif Zardari was only using Panama issue to leverage his interests, and wasted our time in Terms of References (TORs), Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari have crippled the ethics even, He added.

“I know PPP’s Aitezaz Ahsan & Qamar Zaman tried their best to hold Nawaz accountable. But PPP is ultimately led by Zardari. No matter what statement Bilawal Bhutto make, PPP can’t do anything against corruption”, Imran Khan said.

He termed Nawaz Sharif and Khurshid Shah two sides of same coin and said that both PPP and PMLN have appointed their own man as NAB chairman.

“When we decided to protest on roads, Khurshid Shah said we took our solo flight but they didn’t protest, I even stood behind Khurshid Shah being the opposition leader but even PPP can’t take any stand.

“We will not let Nawaz Sharif to run this government, 30th October is a chance to get rid of this status quo altogether, I’m not inviting but I am making an appeal to Pakistani nation to come to Islamabad on 30th & take a stand”, Imran Khan announced to Jam Islamabad.

Imran Khan also shouted on Federal Minister of Information and said that Pervaiz Rasheed is what is deemed in UK to be “attack dogs”. He’s a darbari hence only speaks his master’s language.

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