Respond forcefully if threatened

Pakistan had no aggressive designs against any country, however it would forcefully respond if its national security was in danger, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday.

He said the supreme sacrifice rendered by Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani highlighted the struggle of the Kashmiris and brought it to a decisive juncture.

“Distorting faces of Kashmiris and firing bullet shots at them cannot reverse this movement,” the prime minister said.

He said, “India cannot deny the inalienable right of the Kashmiris, which it had pledged seven decades ago.”

He said if India desired joint efforts against poverty than it must not rely merely on rhetoric, but should take practical steps and pointed to the contradictory approach by India in their words and deeds.

He, however, said that the objective could not be achieved by passing through “fields of explosives and blood.”

Pakistan was a peace-loving country and desired peace in the entire region, the Prime Minister said addressing a specially convened joint sitting of the parliament to discuss the situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and its aggressive posture

He said Pakistan wanted a peaceful resolution of the lingering Kashmir dispute, however that desire was being made by a dignified and respectable nation.

“We will not take any threat lightly and will not hesitate for a moment in responding,” the prime minister said.

The Prime Minister said without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, there could not be any peace between Pakistan and India and in the entire region.

The Prime Minister called upon the international community to help resolve the lingering dispute.

“Kashmir is smoldering like a volcano and needs urgent attention.”

The Prime Minister recalled his speech at the United Nations this year and said he had demanded a number of steps for the improvement of situation in the Indian held Kashmir that included withdrawal of India’s occupational forces from Kashmir and creation of a conducive environment for the holding of plebiscite.

The Prime Minister shared with the Parliamentarians a number of measures taken by his government that included
sending delegations of Pakistani parliamentarians to important world capitals to apprise them of the serious situation.

He said Pakistan fully launched a diplomatic offensive that included his letters to the Permanent 5 of UN Security Council and other human right organizations to highlight the
critical situation.

He said the Pakistani diplomats were especially tasked to apprise their host countries about the gross human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said today the entire world was facing the heat of the situation along the Line of Control and it was time that effective measures were taken by the global community to pressurize India to let the Kashmiris exercise their right to self-determination.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan would continue to extend its political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris demand for right to self-determination.

Pakistan had fulfilled its commitment in that regard in the past and would continue in the future as the issue was not related to mere extension of support to Kashmiris, but now it had become an issue of gross human rights violations, posing threat to global peace, he added.

The Prime Minister warned that if such trend of trampling the UN resolutions, rejection of international opinion and subjugation of human beings through use of brutal force continued unabated, then the path of civilization would be at peril.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan’s relations with Kashmiris was based upon historic, geographical, religious, cultural, civilizational and economic bondages and had a long history, he added.

He said India was making a mockery of international norms by declaring Kashmir as its integral part.

Despite a wave of terror unleashed by the Indian occupation forces, the Kashmiris were heading towards achieving their desire with fresh blood of the third generation, he added.

“We have always desired resolution of the issue through talks, however India has never responded positively.”

The Prime Minister said India started levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan to divert world attention from the Kashmir issue and the Uri incident took place when he had reached New York to address the UN.

Without initial investigation, within few hours, India accused Pakistan. The timing of such ploy exposed India’s ulterior motives, he said adding, Pakistan openly demanded an impartial international probe into the incident, but India continued harping the same tune without any evidence.

He said Pakistan had been the victim of terrorism in which hundreds of personnels of law enforcement and security agencies, and people lost their lives.

Pakistan with a determined resolve fought with terrorism and the world acknowledged its sacrifices and understood the responsible role the country was playing, he observed.

He said his government was endeavouring to bring about a revolution in the lives of the its people through its economic and development agenda.

The Prime Minister said the joint sitting of the parliament aimed at discussing the policy on Kashmir and to receive feedback from the parliamentarians.

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