SRINAGAR: Indian army base under attack

Indian army camp in north Kashmir came under attack on Sunday night, killing one border guard and wounding another, two weeks after a similar attack killed 19 Indian soldiers and ratcheted up tensions between India and Pakistan.

One border guard was killed and one wounded when militants tried to enter the army camp, said Baramulla Superintendent of Police Imtiyaz Hussein.

The attack on the camp of India’s 46 Rastriya Rifles in Baramulla, which also houses a unit of the Border Security Force, started at around 10:30 pm (1700 GMT) and repeated exchanges of fire ensued.

Hussein said the 6 militants in the latest attack, who appear to have reached the camp by boat on a river that passes through the town, had escaped.

“They fled under the cover of darkness,” he told on Monday morning.

India called its 4 Para special forces unit in to Baramulla and an operation continued into the morning to search and secure the army camp.

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