Hate speech Case Dismissed Against Powerful Anchors


Hate speech case against Orya Mabool Jan (currently working in Neo news as Anchor) a right wing influential columnist by career; and Religious programe Anchor of 92 news HD, Nazeer Ghazi, a retired judge and defended murderer of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer, Mumtaz Qadri, had been dismissed.

Both were charged with hate speech in different cases by a religious minority of Pakistan, Ahmedis. The Jamat Ahmedia claimed that both provoked people against them, calling them disease in Pakistan during live shows.

As video emerged of  hearing on social media, it can be seen that complainant never arrived due to threat by these powerful anchors. PEMRA is regulating authority of electronic media but it’s so called court room was like a mess.

Powerful anchors and there lawyers abused the court and its proceedings,  called names in front of judges and people who charged them in case.

Due to sever threat the proceeding was called off and case was dismissed.



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