Auto Show Paris

Electric car prototypes and plans dominated the Paris Auto Show as the Volkswagen Diesel scandal and falling battery costs persuade executives and investors that plug-in vehicles are ready to go mainstream. The flurry of announcements signals a threat to pioneers of the current generation of battery-powered cars, such as Tesla and Renault-Nissan, who will now have to work harder to defend their lead. TheV.W. Is leading the charge, keen to turn a page after its exposure last year as a U.S. Emissions test cheat. Other car makers are also following suit with models ready to hit the road such as Opel’s Ampera-e which should arrive in Europe next spring. Renault unveiled a longer-range Zoe “Lr”, with an upgraded battery. Meanwhile, Tesla, founded by Elon musk, stormed the premium market with its model s sports car. Paris also displayed more traditional combustion cars demonstrating that the race to electric does not necessarily mean the disappearance of older technologies

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