Kashmir will liberate: Imran to Modi

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that Indian Prime Minister Modi disappointed him and he want to tell him that Pakistanis are united against India and Kashmiri will got their rights.

First off all I want to make it clear that I believe in peace not wars. When government was sending army in Baluchistan, I opposed this decision too, Imran khan told a huge gathering in Raiwind, Lahore.

It is very important for the subcontinent that we all support each other and flourish our economies, war is never the solution of any problems anywhere, Imran Khan added.

When I met Narendra Modi in India, he agreed to me that we need to work together for peace, I also told Modi that there’s a small segment in both India-Pakistan who’ll try to sabotage peace process, He said.

Modi was responsible for Muslim massacre in Gujrat but I thought he’d have changed being a Prime Minister.

But I must say Modi not just disappoint me and the Pakistanis but the world, he proved that he is a prejudiced Indian and not a statesman.

Imran Khan said that “Modi says he’ll isolate Pakistan, we’ll make Pakistan so self-sufficient that we wouldn’t need anyone. Imran Khan warned Indian PM that do not even dare to think about clocking Pakistan’s water, because not all Pakistanis love money like NS does, all the Pakistanis are not coward like Nawaz Shairf, all Pakistanis have vested interests in India like Nawaz Sharif.

Narendra Modi listen to me carefully, the whole Pakistani nation is united, you will have to give Kashmiris their rights which they’re entitled to, Imran Khan said.

For 26 years, human rights are being violated in Kashmir. When Kashmiris took stand against the Indian Army and they’d been shot in the eyes in reaction.

It is the voice of Kashmiri people, no matter what, we’ll support Kashmiris morally, politically. If it were Christians or any other community in place of Kashmiris, I’d have stood by them as well.

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