Clinton, Trump Clash Over Jobs, Terrorism And Race

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed over jobs, terrorism and race in a bitter television debate. The attacks turned personal as republican Donald Trump accused his rival Hillary Clinton of not having the right temperament to be president. Meanwhile, Clinton baited trump by pointing out that he refuses to release his tax returns. Trump was later also thrown on the defensive by Moderator Lester holt for not disclosing his tax returns. He claimed he was under a “routine audit” and would release the document once the audit was finished. But the hotel developer promised he would release them if his opponent released 33,000 emails that were deleted during an investigation into her private email set-up while secretary of state. Clinton made a brief response to Mr Trump’s attacks about her use of a private email server – which has haunted her on the campaign trail. She said there were no excuses for the mistake and that she takes responsibility for it. But she was also uncomfortable when defending her changing position on the controversial trans-pacific partnership trade deal. The New York showdown could be the most watched debate in TV history, with up to 100 million viewers

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