PM Nawaz Sharif Rejects Indian Allegations On Uri Attack

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the achievement of lasting peace in the region is impossible without resolution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute. Talking to media in London, the Prime Minister rejected the Indian allegations on Uri attack as “irresponsible” and “without any evidence.” He said before accusing Pakistan, India should have looked at its atrocious role in Occupied Kashmir and mentioned the brutalities being perpetrated against the innocent Kashmiris by the Indian forces in territory. The Prime Minister said the whole world knew about the Indian atrocities in the Occupied Kashmir in which around 108 people had so far been killed, over 150 blinded and thousands injured. He said the Uri attack can be the reaction of these atrocities, as the close relatives and near and dear ones of those killed and blinded over the last two months were hurt and outraged. The Prime Minister wondered how India had hurled accusations against Pakistan only hours after the Uri incident without holding any inquiry or investigation. In response to a question said, the Prime Minister he had spoken on all important issues and presented his country’s viewpoint before the world leaders. To another question, he said the whole world including the United States did not believe in the issue of Balochistan raised by India. To a question about anger of PML-N workers over planned PTI rally in Raiwind, he said PMLN workers have been directed not to create any hurdle, or come in the way of PTI rally, and he believed the workers will follow the party direction. However, the Prime Minister said it is time for all the political forces to stand united and work for the betterment of country and nation. To a question about the reports that India is pressurizing the SAARC member countries not to attend the regional summit scheduled to be held in Islamabad in November, he said Pakistan is preparing for the summit and he hoped all the member countries will attend the summit. About the development work in Azad Kashmir, he said the development budget of AJK has been doubled and major projects in the areas of health care, education are being launched to provide facilities to the people. The Prime Minister said, he will visit AJK soon to discuss with the AJK government and approve various development project for Azad Kashmir. About the impact of China Pakistan Economic Corridor in Balochistan, he said, the province is center of CPEC projects. A network of roads is being laid in Balochistan, besides, the development of Gwadar port as well as modern airport there and the construction of universities.

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