12 Killed In Air Strikes On An Aid Convoy

The United Nations say it had suspended all humanitarian aid convoys in syria after a deadly air raid hit trucks delivering aid near aleppo, killing a red crescent staff member and civilians. A convoy delivering aid to syrians in aleppo province was hit by a deadly air strike hours after the syrian military declared an end to a week-long ceasefire,. The syrian observatory for human rights said 12 red crescent volunteers and drivers had died in the strike while un aid chief stephen o’brien said initial reports indicated “many people” were killed or seriously wounded. The observatory was unable to confirm if the planes responsible were syrian or russian. The UN said at least 18 trucks in the 31-vehicle convoy were destroyed late monday en route to deliver humanitarian assistance to the hard-to-reach town of orum al-kubra. The observatory said a total of 36 people had died in the violence across the battleground region. An afp correspondent inside aleppo city reported almost non-stop bombardment and constant sirens. Syria’s military announced the end to the truce earlier monday, accusing rebels of more than 300 violations and failing to “commit to a single element” of the us-russia deal. The ceasefire, which came into force on september 12, saw an initial drop in fighting but violence began to escalate late last week and the deal came under severe strain over the weekend. US Secretary of State John Kerry had warned that the truce could be the “last chance” to save the country.

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