PM Speaks To Pakistani Community In New York

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris’ right of self-determination at every forum. The Prime Minister said this while speaking to Pakistani community in New York. He said Kashmiris have given unprecedented sacrifices in their freedom struggle and their many generations have moved this cause forward. The prime minister said the youth of Kashmir had breathed life into the Kashmiris’ movement for freedom and self-determination. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif urged India to pay heed to the voice of Kashmiris and respect their wishes. Referring to steps taken by government in overcoming the energy crisis, the prime minister said work on several energy related projects is underway. He said 10,000 mw electricity will be added to the national grid by early 2018. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the ultimate priority of his government is to eliminate terrorism from the country. He said law and order situation has considerably been improved due to unparallel sacrifices made by our law enforcement agencies. The Prime Minister said the government had launched operation Zarb-e-Azb and the national action plan with the consensus of the whole nation. On the issue of economy, the Prime Minister said today’s Pakistan is far better than the Pakistan of 2013. He said Pakistan has been coming forward as an emerging economy and international institutions have appreciated our economic policies. He said China-Pakistan economic corridor is the future of our country. Under this mega project, special economic zones will be set up to provide employment to a number of youth and local people. The Prime Minister said every province and region will get the benefits of this fate-changing project.

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