No Secularism for Pakistan, declares Chief Justice

Addressing to ceremony held on new judicial year, the top judge Chief Justic of Pakistan (CJP) Anwar Zaheer Jamali said the apex court cannot close its eyes on violations of fundamental human rights in the country.

Underscoring the need for elimination of corruption from the country, Justice Jamali was of the view that an end to corruption will automatically remove additional burden from the judiciary.

CJP said that “Quaid-e-Azam did not seek to turn Pakistan into a secular country. Instead, he envisaged a land with religious freedom to all religions.” CJP asserted terrorism will get a boost in case the society is compartmentalized on the basis of religion.

The apex court judge also pointed out that terrorism is succored not only from a foreign hand but also from within the county, as sabotage elements were found to have links with political and religious parties in the country.

All such links with the terrorist elements should be traced forthwith, he demanded.

“Hope from me for a job that is in consonant with the law and the Constitution,” retorted the CJP in an informal media talk later on while responding to a journalist who said, “People have pinned a lot of hopes on Supreme Court.”

He urged on all national institutions to work in their designated constitutional domains.“I played Champions Trophy in 1969. And, I never play outside the crease,” the CJP Jamali noted adding, “How can an orthopedic surgeon treat a cancer patient?”


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