Seasonal Butcher gets unlikely treatment

Eid comes with a lot of economic opportunities and opportunists. It’s a mouthwatering festival for the entire Pakistani nation. It comes with a handsome business before and during the Eid days. Sacrificial animals are sold at a large scale to be slaughtered on the Eid days.

Seasonal Butcher gets unlikely treatment

People try to buy the best  with a hope that it will add to their merriment. On this Eid Selfie with the sacrificial animals was also very popular. Like always the buthchers were few but there is always increasing number of animals to be slaughtered. To fill the space, several people turn into butchers for earning money. On every Eid a number of people act as butchers and spoil citizens sacrificial animals. Usually the disgruntled people give them a good reply. It happened in the Township locality of Lahore. There were three people who pretended to be butchers. The owners of the animal were good enough to spot the incompetent. They gave them a good thrashing when they caught up the faults. They abused and thrashed them with stick. Apart from abusing them.

Seasonal Butcher gets unlikely treatment

Ultimately they felt pity on the poor and needy makeshift butchers. After a couple of minutes they took them to work. But being a peace and food loving people the Lahore people don’t get into a brawl with any serious harmful intent. They forgive them and the things came to normal.

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