What’s there in Parineeti’s mind

It has been five years since Parineeti Chopra entered the film industry. The actor admits that she is still getting used to the ways of Bollywood, especially in the face of unsubstantiated stories and rumours. `That’s the unfortunate bit, and that is why you constantly have to explain yourself. But that’s fine. It’s part of the job` she says.

`It’s great that I got some time off [after completing Kill Dil; 2014]. Even emotionally, the amount of enjoyment that I get out of working now, and the commitment I have towards it, is much more. Plus, my focus is greater. I was a banker and I have an academic background. So, for me to get used to how the film industry functions is a huge thing (smiles).`

Parineeti, who impressed filmgoers with her sizzling avatar in the song ‘Jaaneman aah’ from Dishoom, says talent and looks are equally important for her. `Because you might be the greatest actor, but it’s also important to look every part. That could mean looking glamorous, fit or even fat, as per the character’s requirements,` she says.

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