Annual Ceremony To Change Ghilaf-E-Kaaba

The annual ceremony to change gold-laced Ghilaf-e-Kaaba, known as Kiswa, inscribed with verses from the Holy Quran, held in Masjid- Al-Haram. The covering cloth of the Kaaba is changed on every year on the day of Hajj. The new cover has been prepared with estimated 670 kg of silk fiber and 150 kg of silver. The cover, inscribed with verses from the Holy Quran, is prepared with the cost of 22 million Saudi Riyals. The changing of the Kiswa is done in a particular way, with the new Kiswa hung over the old one from the top before the latter is removed from underneath. It is 658 square meters in size and consists of 47 pieces, each 14 meters long and 95 cm wide. Every year the old Kiswa is removed, cut into small pieces and donated to individuals, visiting foreign dignitaries and organizations. Governor of Makkah and other high officials of Saudi government attended the ceremony.

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