Altaf Hussain sidelined as Farooq Sattar says MQM to be operated from Pakistan

“Muttahid Qaumi Movement is a Pakistani party and should be operated from Karachi,” Dr Farooq Sattar told a press conference.

He lamented that he was not allowed to present his stance before media last night and taken into custody. “It is unfortunate that we were not allowed to speak to media. The whole Pakistan witnessed what happened yesterday when we tried to address the media,” he said.

“I pleaded the paramilitary Rangers force to give us the opportunity to speak our heart. Some may feel that we have been influenced by the eight-hour detention or any fear and pressure,” he said.

“Whatever said yesterday shouldn’t have been said? “When we were sitting here yesterday, we had no idea what was coming next.”

“Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is a Pakistani political party and wants to do politics in Pakistan. I assure all of you that every MQM worker strongly denounces the speeches made yesterday. It is our stated policy from day one.”

“MQM dissociates itself from yesterday’s speeches, strongly condemns it and regrets if it has hurt the sentiments of the people of Pakistan.”

Incitement to violence deplorable

“We also strongly condemn the incitement to violence. We categorically denounce it as torture is not part of MQM’s dictionary,” he said.

“As a matter of policy, we strongly denounce whoever was involved in yesterday’s violence.

“I pledge and take this responsibility that MQM will never let anyone repeat such actions.”

In his statement, MQM chief Altaf Hussain also said that he was ashamed of his speech.

As mental stress was blamed for the address, there was strong need to address this issue.

“There is need to address the issue of mental stress or health. I acknowledge that there is need to address the issue of mental stress.

“We emphasize that there was also need to operate the MQM from Pakistan. We have unflinching association with Pakistan and it dates back to the partition of Pakistan,” he said.

“Our commitment has been with Pakistan even before the establishment of Pakistan.” “The Rabita Committee has decided that sanity must prevail that there was need to damage control first.

“We have decided that we cannot afford such things from the platform of MQM. We have to first address the issue of Altaf Hussain’s health. The slogans chanted yesterday are not part of MQM’s ideology and speeches.

“Why shall we dissociate ourselves from the MQM because we are the MQM. We cannot allow anyone to chant slogans against the state of Pakistan. We will not allow it. If someone says that he was the MQM than we will decide.

“People are in state of confusion what is the policy. First speeches are made than retracted.”

Dr Sattar said that MQM would be run and controlled from Pakistan. “We have cleared our policy that MQM will be run from Karachi.” “I assure SAMAA TV, Ary News and Geo Tv that this will never happen again.”

“There is no justification of chanting Down With Pakistan in any state of mind. This is intolerable and unacceptable,” he said. “We have been defending everything for the past 30 years, but some things are un-defendable.

What is way forward?

The elections for mayors and deputy mayors will take place on Wednesday. “We urge our councilors and nazims to gather at Nine Zero to prepare for tomorrow’s elections,” he said.

Dr Farooq Sattar backs Karachi operation

“We have never called for curtaining powers of Rangers because we always supported policy of zero tolerance for criminals.”

“We will dispel this impression that this operation was against any particular party of workers. We will create an environment that missing people are found from their own homes.”

Calls for opening MQM offices

“I demand and appeal that our offices are allowed to open now. We expect that there will be no plans or moves to ban our party or political process.”

Amir Khan backs MQM Pakistan

Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan said Amir Khan, who was in hospital, endorsed the views of Dr Farooq Sattar regarding Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM).

“We openly and strongly condemn attacks on media houses. We will never shelter those who are behind the violence,” he said.

Dr Aamir Liaquat speaks to media

“Pakistan was made by mohajirs. Therefore, we would always chant Long Live Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad,” he said.

He said that MQM can no longer tolerate such discussion.

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